Handcrafted and made with local ingredients
Babe is the magic that happens when a group of friends and family come together around a shared passion, the love of Kombucha.

Babe provides customers a farm-to-can experience, using fresh and organic ingredients from local farms, such as Stehly Farms and San Gabriel Ranch.

Our kombucha and Yerba Mates  are Certified USDA Organic and we use premium, high quality ingredients to create a delicious, refreshing and easy to drink kombucha and Mate.


 Since the beginning in 2017 we created a community around the brand, with a solid  foundation. 

But don't just take our word for it - You've got to try it! 

Today Babe products are distributed in 23 States.

You can find us at all Sprouts stores nationwide, Grocery Outlet, Jimbos, Frazier Farms, Mothers Farmers Markets to name a few. 

You can also buy online and we will deliver to you in all 50 states.